A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table

9,95 лв.
  • ISBN / UPC: 9781416551058
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Molly Wizenberg  (автор)


Издателство: Simon & Schuster
Език: английски език
Раздел: Мемоари, биографии, писма
Художник: Camilla Engman


Твърда корица с обложка, голям формат  / 320 стр.

(здрава и и чиста отвътре книга, леко захабен външен вид)




На задната корица:



Praise for Molly Wizenberg



"Molly Wizenberg writes like an angel—cooks like one, too. Her lyrical stories of a life shaped by family and food, deep love and great loss, not only touch us, they inspire us to take joy in our own homemade lives."

—Dorie Greenspan, author of Baking-. From My Home to Yours



"A real treat of a book. Curl up on the couch and bask in Molly's sunny,

delicious prose."

—Clotilde Dusoulier, author of Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris and founder of ChocolateandZucchini.com



"Molly Wizenberg's coming-of-age story not only includes delicious recipes, but delicious reminiscences, from her food-loving father to the seductive charms of Parisian men. Honest and touching, Molly proves

that she's one of the brightest young food writers of our generation."

—David Lebovitz, author of The Sweet Life in Paris



"Molly Wizenberg writes with wit, style, and heart. Her delicious recipes are a special gift to every reader—and home cook."

—Barbara Fairchild, editor in chief, Bon AppItit magazine



"Molly Wizenberg offers us a book filled with personal, beautifully written essays that, like an excellent box of chocolate truffles, can be enjoyed individually, or, as is my preference, all in one evening. And the recipes aren't just a literary coda—they're truly delicious."

—David Leite, publisher of leitesculinaria.com and author of The New Portuguese Table



"Reads like fiction."

—USA Weekend



"Downright addictive."

—Chicago Tribune



"Echoes of M.F.K. Fisher."

—New York magazine's Grub Street




When Molly Wizenberg's father died of cancer, everyone told her to go easy on herself, to hold off on making any major decisions for a while. But when she tried going back to her apartment in Seattle and re­turning to graduate school, she knew it wasn't possible to resume life as though nothing had happened. So she went to Paris, a city that held vivid memories of a childhood trip with her fa­ther, of early morning walks on the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter and the taste of her first pain au chocolat. She was supposed to be doing research for her dissertation, but more often, she found herself peering through the windows of chocolate shops, trekking across town to try a new patisserie, or tasting cheeses at outdoor markets, until one evening when she sat in the Luxembourg Gardens reading cookbooks until it was too dark to see, she realized that her heart was not in her studies but in the kitchen.


At first, it wasn't clear where this epiphany might lead. Like her long letters home describing the details of every meal and market, Molly's blog Orangette started out merely as a pleasant pastime. But it wasn't long before her writing and recipes developed an international following.


Every week, devoted readers logged on to find out what Molly was cooking, eating, reading, and thinking, and it seemed she had finally found her passion. But the story wasn't over: one reader in particular, a curly-haired, food-loving composer from New York, found himself enchanted by the redhead in Seattle, and their email correspon­dence blossomed into a long-distance romance.


In A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, Molly Wizenberg recounts a life with the kitchen at its center. From her mother's pound cake, a staple of summer picnics during her childhood in Oklahoma, to the eggs she cooked for her father during the weeks be­fore his death, food and memories are intimately entwined. You won't be able to decide whether to curl up and sink into the story or to head straight to the market to fill your basket with ingredients for Cider-Glazed Salmon and Pistachio Cake with Honeyed Apricots.




Molly Wizenberg is a freelance food writer and the creator of the award-winning blog Orangette. She is a regular contributor to Bon Appetit, and her writing has been featured on NPR.org and PBS.org and has been praised in the Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, and The Seattle Times. Wizenberg has degrees in human biology, French, and cul­tural anthropology, but in 2005, she left the world of academia to write full-time.




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Molly Wizenberg
Simon & Schuster
Camilla Engman
New York
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