Current Judicial System in China / 中国当代司法制度

Съвременната съдебна система на Китай (в паралелен превод на английски и китайски език)


Zhang Baifeng (редактор) 


Издателство:   Law Press China

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Твърда корица, голям формат  |  1081 стр.  |  1470 гр.

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20 years ago, under the Comrade Deng Xiaoping's advocacy, China began to take the open policy into force, which has sped up the communications of foreign economy, politics, culture, education and sports etc. with other countries and made many people of insights from other countries visit China and make investments one after another. This is a positive contribution to strengthen the interchange between China and the rest of the world, promote the developments of global economy, and enhance the friendship with the people of other countries and so on. However, during the intercourse with foreign friends, many of them told us they did not know much about Chinese laws, particularly with Chinese judicial system, and they even felt strange with it.


Law is the reflection of the human social developments, the production of the economic social developments, the great achievement of mental culture of human society, and the symbol of equity and justice in modern society. While there are different legal systems in the world, and the laws and regulations of each country are different as well. Just for this reason, it is not far enough for foreigners who come to China for investment or other interchanges just know some international laws or some conventions. They have to know the Chinese judicial system. Only in this way, they may better enjoy their work and life in China, regulate their behaviors and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests effectively. Currently, modern China is promoting the process of rule of law positively, and making an effort to build up a socialist rule of law country. Law is the precondition and basis of judicature, while judicature is the most sacred representation of law application, and the significant chain to enforce the rule of law policy. Therefore, to understand China better, one must get a basic idea of Chinese judicial system.


Based on the above reasons, we have complied this book-Current Judicial System in China.


The Chinese judicial system has a long history and is of long standing, and its contents are comprehensive. But this book focuses on the Chinese judicial system of the present age.


Current China is practicing "One Country, Two Systems" , in which three legal systems and four legal districts coexist at the same time, that is, the socialist system is prevailing over the mainland China, while the capitalist system is controlling Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; the mainland China belongs to the Chinese law system, similar to the civil law system, while Hong Kong the Anglo-American law system, Macao and Taiwan the civil law system; there are four legal districts, namely, the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in China. This book mainly introduces the judicial system in the mainland China.


With regard to judicial system, there are two understandings, i. e. , one in a broad sense and one in a narrow sense. The judicial system in a narrow sense refers to trial system and procuratorial system. In accordance with the Constitution and the relevant laws and regulations of China, the people's court is the trial organ of the country, and the people's procuratorate the legal supervision organ. They exercise independently the power to adjudicate and procuratorial power respectively, without the interference from the administrative organs, social organizations and individuals. The judicial system in a broad sense is the general name for the nature and tasks, organizational systems, functioning principals and working systems of the state judicial organs and social organizations authorized by laws, including investigation, prison, lawyer, arbitration, mediation and notarization system etc. in addition to the trial system and the procuratorial system. This book shall introduce the current Chinese judicial system with the understanding of the judicial system in the broad sense. Nevertheless, in view of the fact that the trial system takes the central position in the judicial systems, thus in the introduction of the judicial systems in modern China, we shall center on the trial system and make a systematic introduction of it.


We hope this book may make a bit of contribution to the understanding of the judicial system of China in the present age for the readers in China and abroad.


One hundred years makes a century and one thousand years forms a circle. The finish of this book is just at the time when the new century is replacing the old one, and the time when China has just joined the WTO. We can foresee that the developments of global economy and society will advance higher and newer requirements. We hope this book may benefit the legal communications between China and the rest of the world.


All the writers of this book are judges, who tried hard to make the theories correct, and meanwhile highlighted its practicability and applicability by stating the views and methods of solving practical problems, which is one of the major features of the book. However, this book was compiled and written by us in our spare time of our busy daily work, and our knowledge is limited, so inevitably there may be some oversights and omissions. We sincerely hope readers will excuse us and be kind enough to correct us.


Compilers May, 2005 Tianjin, China



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