Gene Future: The Promise and Perils of the New Biology (1993)

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  • Издателство: Plenum Press
  • ISBN / UPC: 9780306445095
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Бъдещето на гените: обещанието и опасностите на новата биология (книга на английски език)


Thomas F. Lee  (автор)


Издателство:   Plenum Press
Език: английски език
Раздел: Биология
Етикет: генетика


Твърда корица с обложка, среден формат  |  339 стр.  |  574 гр.

(използвана, здрава и чиста, отчислена от библиотека книга с леко захабен външен вид)




На задната корица:


"Thomas Lee has done a superb job in telling the story of genes—not just the science surrounding our gene future, but also the critically important social and ethical implications of that future. He portrays the promise and the very real perils of genetic engineering with compassion and with accuracy."

—W. Frauds Anderson, M.D., Morris Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Los Angeles, California


"Dr. Lee is the rarity: a teaching scientist with a talent for journalism. As he did in his book The Human Genome Project, he now translates into very readable literature the dazzling progress of genetic science. Our need to understand all applications of genetics is urgent. This book is a superb teacher."

—J. Robert Nelson, B.Theol, Program Director of "Genetics, Religion and Ethics" Project and Senior Research Fellow, The  Institute of Religion, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas


"Tom Lee exhibits a mind that sweeps across scientific, social, and ethical perspec­tives—A valuable contribution to this crucial dialogue."

— Kenneth L. Vaux, Ph.D., Professor of Ethics in Medicine, The University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois


"Thomas Lee has done a superb job in bringing together politics and economics with the biology and the ethical issues in a comprehensive, clearly written text, easily understood by the layman. It's fun to read and impartial, expositing equally the views of the enthusiasts and of the whistle-blowers. Tom Lee is really a biology story-teller, describing the hard science in surprisingly simple terms, but always with a humorous lilt."

—George F. Cahill, Jr., M.D. Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire




От вътрешната страна на обложката:



The Promise and Perils of the New Biology

Thomas F. Lee


We are poised at the doorway to a future which could surpass the Industrial Revolution in its im­pact on the world. We are beginning to scrutinize genes in order to read the very history of evolu­tion, and to alter plants and animals in ways un­dreamed of only a few years ago. As the tools of science have become more sophisticated, scientists have been able to delve deeply into the inner recesses of cells. The fruit of their labor, the new biology, promises us an unprecedented under­standing of genes, offering an illuminating view into the most intimate operations of living things from microbes to humans —and with that, the potential to gain increasing control over life itself.


Our gene future will soon present us with a cor­nucopia of products by drawing upon a variety of organisms —plants, animals, and even human cells —that will influence the lives and health of us all. As Thomas Lee, a biologist and author of the ac­claimed The Human Genome Project: Cracking the Genetic Code of Life, so vividly shows, the new biology is already beginning to make its mark on our lives. Every week newspapers announce that scientists have found the gene for a disease such as cystic fibrosis or a particular fofrn of cancer, or have seized on a gene therapy to try to combat it. The controversy over using DNA fingerprinting as admissible evidence in court has sparked public concern. The injecting of ex­perimental genes into humans and animals has triggered recent debates. Soon genetically engineered tomatoes and other "transgenic" vegetables will be available on the shelves of our local grocers.


As Lee so wisely and eloquently cautions, there may be perils along this pathway as well as miraculous discoveries. Do dangers lurk in this new technological approach to nature? May we unwittingly be doing irreparable harm to in­dividuals, not to mention the biosphere? This perceptive author even-handedly assesses the con­troversies surrounding the perils that may await us as molecular science moves out of the laboratory and into our homes and environment. This fascinating and comprehensive volume shows that the time has come to confront our gene future, because our gene future is now.


Thomas F. Lee, Ph.D., has been a biologist, teacher, and researcher for twenty-five years. The author of the highly acclaimed The Human Genome Project: Cracking the Genetic Code of Life, he is a professor at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he teaches courses in microbiology and biotechnology. He has also published numerous articles and papers. Dr. Lee in his most recent research concentrates on the introduction of new genes into the reproductive cells of marine organisms. He re­ceived an American Association of University Professors Distinguished Faculty Award, and is active in numerous national and international scientific professional societies.






Chapter 1. Enter the Genes 1

Chapter 2. Genes, Genealogy, and Ancient DNA 19

Chapter 3. DNA in Court 45

Chapter 4. Genes and Disease 79

Chapter 5. DNA, Disease, and Dilemmas 109

Chapter 6. Gene Therapy 127

Chapter 7. Transgenic Animals 165

Chapter 8. Transgenic Plants 203

Chapter 9. Field of Genes 235

Chapter 10. A World of Genes 267


Epilogue 299

Selected Readings 307

Index 321


В наличност:
Thomas F. Lee
Plenum Press
London, New York
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здрава и чиста, отчислена от библиотека книга с леко захабен външен вид
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