Law Among Nations: Introduction to Public International Law

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  • ISBN / UPC: 0024231703
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Gerhard von Glahn (автор) 



Macmillan Publishing Company

Collier Macmillan Publishers

Език: английски език
Категория: Право



Твърда корица, голям формат  |  822 стр.  |  1164 гр.

(неизползвана книга - печат за дарение, леко захабен външен вид) 






The fifth edition has been revised and brought up to date as far as the publisher's deadlines have permitted. Certain portions of the volume have been altered significantly in the light of developments during the past few years, such as the coverage of Namibia; the settlement of the case involving U.S. diplomatic hostages in Iran; the U.S. operation in Grenada; the Falkland Islands War; the war in the Persian Gulf area; the downing of Korean Airlines Flight 007; Israel's territorial annexations; the covert mining of Nicaraguan ports; the continuing Western Sahara dispute; new arbitration awards and court decisions regarding maritime boundary delimitations; the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention; and selected problems posed by mercenaries and terror­ists. Certain topics have been shifted to provide a more orderly presentation of material.


The bulk of material covered by international law is concerned with relations among nations in times of peace. Indeed, when the Charter of the United Nations came into force on October 24, 1945, many people believed that war had at long last been banished from the world. Regrettably, this has not proved to be the case; since 1945, there have been scores of armed conflicts, and hundreds of thousands of military personnel as well as civilians have died as a result. In light of this fact, in Part VI, Armed Conflicts, I have felt obliged to deal in considerable detail with the rules governing warfare. Wherever possible, I have replaced the word "war" with the term "armed conflict," since many of the newer rules relate to hostile actions not generally considered part of "traditional war."


As in the past, I have been greatly assisted in preparing this fifth edition by the helpful criticisms and suggestions of colleagues and students, both here and abroad. Their advice and their factual contributions are gratefully acknowledged.





В наличност:
Gerhard von Glahn
Macmillan Publishing Company, Collier Macmillan Publishers
London, New York
неизползвана книга
печат за дарение, леко захабен външен вид.
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