Monetary Economics: Theory and Policy

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  • ISBN / UPC: 0023784717
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Bennett T. McCallum  (автор)


Издателство:   Macmillan
Език: английски език
Раздел: Икономикс
Етикет: монетарна икономика


Твърда корица, голям формат  |  356 стр.  |  701 гр.

(неизползвана книга, отчислена от библиотека, без заглавна страница, здраво и чисто книжно тяло с леко захабен външен вид)






The object of this book is to present a systematic treatment of mone­tary economics in a manner that is clear and nontechnical, yet accu­rately reflective of important research developments of the past 20 years. Such a task is not an easy one, since recent research has empha­sized dynamic and stochastic aspects of economic behavior—aspects that involve analytical difficulties. My strategy for accomplishing the task has been to begin with simple models, to introduce complexities only as needed, to focus selectively on matters of fundamental importance, and to relate the discussion at each point with what has gone before.


By proceeding in this fashion, I have found it possible to handle in a satisfying manner numerous topics not usually included in textbook discussions. In particular, the book is novel in its emphasis on severe inflation, on monetary standards (including commodity-money arrange­ments), and on realistic descriptions of central-bank operating proce­dures. Also, there is a discussion of United States monetary history that is unusual in its coverage, as three-quarters of its length is de­voted to periods before the creation (in 1914) of the Federal Reserve System. In terms of technique, moreover, the book includes extensive expositions of inflationary steady-state analysis, dynamic analysis with adaptive and rational expectations, and a systematic procedure for solving linear stochastic models with rational expectations.


The book does not, on the other hand, include much institutional detail or any substantial amount of material on the subject of finance. These omissions do not in my opinion constitute a weakness; an impor­tant ingredient of effective instruction is selectivity in terms of cover­age.


Because the book emphasizes recent research topics but strives for analytical simplicity, it should be appropriate for textbook use in a variety of settings. Preliminary versions have been used successfully in advanced undergraduate and MBA courses, yet much of the material could be helpful to beginning graduate students in economics. The book is primarily designed for courses in monetary economics, but could alternatively serve as a textbook in macroeconomics or money and banking with analytical emphasis. It would need to be augmented with additional material on consumption, investment, and fiscal policy (in the former case) or on financial markets and institutions (in the latter). A synopsis of the material in each chapter is provided in Sec­tion 1.4 on pp. 12-15.


In expressing thanks to those who have been helpful to me in writing the book, I will begin with two organizations. First, the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (GSIA) at Carnegie-Mellon Uni­versity has provided an excellent intellectual atmosphere plus the pos­sibility of combining research and teaching activities. Second, the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, with which I have been associated for several years, has provided the opportunity of learning from its members about monetary issues in general and the Federal Reserve System in particular. Needless to say, none of the views expressed in the book should be attributed to either of these institutions.


Many individuals have contributed in a variety of ways. Excellent typing was provided by GSIA's word-processing department and by my secretaries, Sue Sholar and Gerri Carrozzi. At Macmillan, Ken MacLeod and Elaine Wetterau were helpful in their roles as Editor and Production Supervisor, while special thanks go to Jack Repcheck for crucial support and encouragement in the initial and intermediate stages of the project.


Helpful comments on various chapters have been provided by a number of economists. My thanks go particularly to those who read large portions of the manuscript, including David Aschauer, Michael Bordo, Martin Eichenbaum, Richard Froyen, Marvin Goodfriend, John Huizinga, and Dean Taylor. I regret that time pressures have kept me from incorporating more of their thoughtful suggestions.


Final thanks go to my wife, Sally, whose support has been extra­ordinary. She deserves substantial credit for anything that I manage to accomplish.


B. T. M.

В наличност:
Bennett T. McCallum
монетарна икономика
New York
неизползвана книга
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