Overdrive: Managing in Crisis-Filled Times

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  • ISBN / UPC: 9780471515494
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Michael Silva  |  Terry McGann  (автори)


Издателство:   John Wiley and Sons
Език: английски език
Раздел: Мениджмънт и човешки ресурси
Поредица: New Directions in Business


Твърда корица с обложка, голям формат  |  250 стр.  |  597 гр.

(неизползвана, здрава и чиста книга, печат за дарение, без заглавна страница, леко захабен външен вид)




На задната корица:


"A lively and informative compilation of methods used by savvy, recognized CEOs to survive and thrive in a crisis. Silva and McGann recount contemporary corpo­rate war stories that illustrate the impracticality of planning for a crisis—common or catastrophic—and the necessity of exercising vision, creativity, and flexibility to avoid or endure a crisis."

—David H. Murdock Chairman of the Board Chief Executive Officer Dole Food Company,


"This book is an indispensable asset for any corporate executive facing the inevi­tability of crisis control."

—Craig L. Fuller

Senior Vice President Philip Morris Companies Inc.


" Whether dealing with a sudden crisis of unimaginable size or the daily press of issues, each has the potential to explode into a major catastrophe. Overdrive gives specific answers to questions that you hoped you'd never have to ask. Silva and McGann offer practical, proven solutions that every executive needs in order to lead in our crisis filled times."

—Bruce L. Christensen


Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications Brigham Young University Former President and Chief Executive Officer of PBS

It used to be that crisis was something that only happened to companies in trou­ble. But in today's turbulent, hotly competitive global marketplace, crisis is a per­manent fact of life in every business organization, and the new name of the man­agement game is "crisis management." Now in this groundbreaking book, Michael Silva (Creating Excellence) and Terry McGann tell you exactly what the new rules of the game are, and, more importantly, how to play to win!

  • Teaches you practical lessons in how to strategically manage crisis to forge stronger, more competitive companies
  • Provides a rational, innovative framework for thinking about and respond­ing to crisis
  • Shows you how to leverage the opportunities that crises present for changing the rules of the game and making strategic breakthroughs
  • Brings abstract concepts to vivid life with scores of vignettes and case studies from a wide range of industries and dozens of businesses, both large and small
  • Based on the authors' years of experience as crisis management consultants to top Fortune 500 companies



От вътрешната страна на обложката:


Crisis happens only to companies in trou­ble, it is always somebody's fault, it is always destructive, and a lot of it in an organization indicates an inability to manage crisis effec­tively.. .right? Wrong! Despite the fact that most executives surveyed claim to spend at least seventy-five percent of their time putting out fires, most businesspeople continue to cling to these and other dan­gerously outdated myths about crisis. The truth is, in today's ever more chaotic, fierce­ly competitive global marketplace, crisis is an inescapable fact of life for every busi­ness organization—especially the ambi­tious ones. In fact, many top business thinkers now view crisis as an indispens­able catalyst for strategic growth and com­petitive strength.


Now, in this groundbreaking new book, Michael Silva—author of the bestselling, Creating Excellence—and Terry McGann, arm you with a blueprint for success in these crisis-ridden times. Offering impor­tant practical lessons in strategic crisis management, they school managers in all the cutting-edge leadership and manage­ment skills they need not only to survive crisis, but to use it to forge stronger, more competitive companies. Drawing on their years of experience as crisis management consultants to the Fortune 500, as well as the experiences of dozens of companies whose stories they vividly tell, Silva and McGann:

  • Separate crisis management myth from reality and provide a rational and inno­vative framework for thinking about and responding to crisis
  • Help you to recognize and leverage the opportunities that crises present for changing the rules of the game and mak­ing strategic breakthroughs
  • Help you to forge a new organizational vision founded upon the three crucial factors of crisis prevention, crisis identi­fication, and crisis solution
  • Offer crisis management guidelines based on the golden rules of Vision (see it all, see it fast), Values (say it all, say it fast), and Ver­satility (change it all, change it fast)
  • Bring abstract concepts to vivid life with scores of vignettes and examples from a wide range of industries and scores of businesses

Crisis has become a permanent player in the management game for all companies— corporate high-rollers and "mom and pop" retailers alike. Read Overdrive, and find out what the new rules of the game are, and, more importantly, learn how to play to win!


About the authors


MICHAEL SILVA is recog nized internationally as a cutting-edge thinker in the management of crisis. In the last twenty years, he has worked with execu­tives of over half of the For­tune 500 and scores of international companies,

dealing specifically with the application of crisis leadership principles under extreme­ly turbulent conditions. He is the author of Europe 1992 and the World Power Game and the coauthor of the international best­seller Creating Excellence: Managing Cor­porate Culture, Strategy and Change in the New Age.

TERRY McGANN is Chair­man of Sacramento Advo­cates, a consulting firm spe­cializing in assisting private sector companies whose strategies involve signifi­cant relationships with fed­eral government agencies. Sacramento Advocates'

clients include Apple Computer, Kraft, Cigna, PepsiCo, and SmithKline Beecham.







Preface xi



Part One  

Crisis Myths and Crisis Realities


Chapter 1   The Four Horsemen of Crisis: Technology, Shifting Trends, Corporate Aging, and Global Capitalism 5

Chapter 2   Not Just Another Day at the Office: Why Being on the Cutting Edge Generates Crisis       18

Chapter 3   A Fine Line: Crisis that Destroys and Crisis that Creates  31

Chapter 4   When the Wings Fall Off: Why Contingency Plans Don't Work 43

Chapter 5   The Myths of the Lone Wolf: Teamwork and Crisis Management 56



Part Two 

Thinking about Crisis: Fighting the Errors of Crisis Management


Chapter 6   A Matter of Life and Death: Distinguishing the Common Crisis from the Unthinkable One 75

Chapter 7   Spin over Substance: When the Facts Aren't Friendly 89

Chapter 8   Moving from Your Comfort Zone: Travel Light and Travel Fast 105



Part Three 

Managing the Dangers of Crisis


Chapter 9   Insight, Decision Making, Communication, and Focus: The Four Skills for Managing Crisis 123

Chapter 10 What You See Is What You Get: How Corporate Values Undermine Action During Crisis 141



Part Four 

The Three Rules of Crisis Management


Chapter 11 Vision—See It All, See It Fast: The Five-Minute Audit     165

Chapter 12 Values—Say It All, Say It Fast: The Five-Minute Valuation 186

Chapter 13 Versatility—Change It All, Change It Fast 213


Index 239


В наличност:
Michael Silva, Terry McGann
John Wiley and Sons
New Directions in Business
New York
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