Semiconductor Physics (1978)

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  • Издателство: Mir Publishers
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Физика на полупроводниците (преводна книга от руски на английски език)


P. S. Kireev  (автор)


Издателство:   Mir Publishers
Език: английски език
Раздел: Физика и астрономия
Преводач: Mark Samokhvalov
Етикет: физика на полупроводниците


Твърда корица с обложка, среден формат  |  694 стр.  |  854 гр.

(неизползвана книга с отлично книжно тяло и корица и позахабена обложка)




От вътрешната страна на обложката:

This textbook is based on a course in Semiconductor Physics which he pre­pared for the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. Mir Publishers are publish­ing English and French translations of "Semiconductor Physics". P. S. Kireev's "Semiconductor Physics" is one of the textbooks that deal most extensive­ly with physical phenomena in uni­form semiconductor materials. It touches upon the theory of energy band structure, electron and hole statistics, transport phenomena and scattering theory, recombination, optical, photo­electric and magneto-optical phenomena. The Appendix contains fundamentals of the group theory and its applica­tions to semiconductor physics.


Peculiar to the method of presenta­tion is the wide use being made of the methods of theoretical physics, mostly of quantum mechanics, within the lim­its set by the programmes of techni­cal colleges.


A rigorous and highly theoretical presentation goes hand in hand with clarity of physical models of various phenomena. Practically in every case a complete calculation is presented, and this goes a long way to simplify work on complex subjects. Experimen­tal data are made use of to illustrate the results of calculations.


The author of the textbook "Semi­conductor Physics" Pyotr Kireev, D.Sc, is active in research on nuclear and infra-red radiation detectors. A sub­stantial number of his papers deal with various physical phenomena in AHBvi-type semiconducting compounds (cad­mium, zinc, and quick-silver tellurides and selenides) from carrier transport to optical and photomagnetoelectric phe­nomena.


P. S. Kireev devotes much of his effort to the education of specialists in semiconductor technology, working with freshmen, graduate and post-gra­duate students. Many of his students under his guidance have completed Candidate of Physical and Mathema­tical Sciences Theses.


He had read various academical courses, including those in general and theoretical physics. The short handbook of Physics, of which he is a co-author, has enjoyed wide publicity.




Preface 9
Chapter I. Introduction. Electron Theory of Conductivity 11
1. Electron Theory of Conductivity. Ohm's Law 11
2. Mean-Free Time and Free-Path Distribution Functions  16
3. Electron Distribution Function. Mean Values of Physical Quantities 20
4. Semiconductors. The Classification of Materials According to Their Conductivity 31
5. Semiconductor Conductivity Models. The Concept of a Hole 35
6. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Conductivities 39
Chapter II. The Fundamentals of the Band Theory of Semiconductors . . 42
7. The Schrodinger Equation for the Crystal 42
8. The Adiabatic Approximation 45
9. Single Electron Approximation 50
10. Periodic Field of the Crystal Lattice. Translational Operator .... 54
11. Quasimomentum 59
12. The Effective Mass of the Electron 64
13. Relation Between Velocity and Quasimomentum 70
14. Acceleration Operator 73
15. Brillouin Zones 80
16. Normalizing Inside a Potential Box and the Discrete Nature of Quasimomentum 85
17. Theory of the Quasifree Electron 90
18. Theory of the Quasibound Electron 105
19. Effective Mass Method. Influence of External Fields on Energy Spectrum of a Crystal  . 119
20. Localized States 125
21. Elementarv Theory of Impurity States 130
22. Surface States 138
23. Quantization of Electron Energy in a Magnetic Field. Landau Levels 141
24. Pauli Principle. Concept of Metal, Semiconductor and Dielectric ... 146
25. Main Features of the Hole 153
26. Band Structure of Some Semiconductors. Calculation Methods .... 158
27. Quasiparticle Concept 175
Chapter III. Electron and Hole Statistics in Semiconductors 180
28. Density of States 180
29. Electron and Hole Concentrations 189
30. Electric Neutrality Equation 197
31. Intrinsic Semiconductor 200
32. Extrinsic Semiconductor. Impurity of One Type 205
33. Semiconductor Doped with Both Acceptor and Donor Impurities ... 215
34. Degenerate Semiconductor 221
35. Density of States in a Magnetic Field 225
Chapter IV. Kinetic Phenomena in Semiconductors 234
36. Boltzmann's Kinetic Equation 234
37. Relaxation Time 241
38. Electric Current Density and Energy Flux Density 249
39. Kinetic Coefficients 253
40. Conductivity of Semiconductors 261
41. Galvanomagnetic Effects 270
42. Hall Effect in Extrinsic Conductivity Range 280
43. Hall Effect in a Substance with Several Types of Charge Carriers . . 288
44. Magnetic Field Dependence of Hall Coefficient 294
45. Magnetoresistive Effect 302
46. Heat Conductivity of Semiconductors 311
47. Thermoelectric Phenomena 318
48. Thermomagnetic Phenomena 334
49. General Analysis of Kinetic Phenomena 338
50. On Kinetic Phenomena in Semiconductors with Tensor Effective Masses. 348
51. Tensoresistive Effect. Tensosensitivity 352
52. Piesoresistive Effect. Piesoresistance Coefficients 359
Chapter V. The Theory of Charge Carriers Scattering 369
53. Effective Scattering Cross Section 369
54. Relationship Between Relaxation Time and Effective Cross Section . 378
55. Elements of Quantum Transition Theory 383
56. Impurity Ion Scattering 390
57. Scattering by Neutral Impurity Atoms 398
58. Lattice Vibrations. Normal Co-Ordinates. Phonons 401
59. Acoustical and Optical Lattice Vibrations 409
60. Lattice Specific Heat. Phonon Statistics 422
61. Scattering by Thermal Lattice Vibrations. Method of Deformation Potential 432
62. Temperature Dependence of Charge Carrier Mobility 441
63. Dependence of Relaxation Time on External Fields. Deviations from Ohm's Law 452
Chapter VI. Charge Carrier Recombination 461
64. Continuity Equation. Lifetime 461
65. Recombination Mechanism. Linear Recombination 472
66. Diffusion and Drift of Non-Equilibrium Charge Carriers 484
67. Surface Recombination .492
Chapter VII. Contact Phenomena in Semiconductors 497
68. Debye Length 497
69. Work Function 510
70. Contact Potential Difference. Metal-Metal Contact 515
71. Metal-Semiconductor Contact 519
72. Inhomogeneous Semiconductor* p-n Junction 525
Chapter VIII. Optical and Photoelectrical Phenomena in Semiconductors 532
73. Light-Absorption Spectrum 532
74. Light Absorption by Free Charge Carriers 536
75. Cyclotron Resonance 546
76. Intrinsic Light Absorption 555
77. Absorption of Light by the Lattice 573
78. Light Absorption by Electrons in Localized States 579
79. Influence of the Ambient on Absorption Spectrum 586
80. Photoresistive Effect 590
81. Dember Effect. Photovoltaic Effect 599
82. Photomagnetoelectric Effect 608
83. Faraday Effect 613
84. Spin-Orbital Splitting of Energy Bands 623
Appendix. Introduction to the Theory of Groups 633
1. Space Transformations 633
2. Group of Symmetry Transformations. Properties of Group Elements   639
3. Relation between Groups 643
4. Representation of Groups 646
5. The Properties of Irreducible Representations 649
6. The Basis of a Representation 652
7. Direct Product of Representations 655
8. Point Groups 659
9. Translational Groups. Brillouin Zones 665
10. The Wave Vector Group 671
11. Schrodinger Equation 680
12. Twin Groups. Time Inversion   684
Recommended Literature  694


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Оригинално заглавие
Физика полупроводников, П. С. Киреев,Высшая школа, Москва (1975)
P. S. Kireev
Mir Publishers
физика на полупроводниците
Mark Samokhvalov
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