Thinking About Social Thinking

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  • ISBN / UPC: 9780006862185
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Antony Flew  (автор)


Издателство:   Fontana Press
Език: английски език
Раздел: Социология и политология
Изд. група: HarperCollins Publishers


Мека корица, среден формат  |  278 стр.  |  263 гр. 

(внимателно използвана, здрава и чиста книга, отчислена от библиотека, найлонова подвързия, леко захабен вид)




На задната корица:


Human beings are by far the most complicated objects within the known Universe; we are uniquely peculiar in that we can, and cannot but, make choices, and can, and often do, give reasons for those choices. Rationalizing human behaviour is our most compelling pastime, and temptations to deception and self-deception are endemic in this process; we are all disposed to offer and accept insufficient evidence and invalid argument when these seem to support conclusions which we merely wish were true. When our choices affect, or have pretensions to affect, the lives of others, we need to know how best to think clearly about our social thinking, how best to resist the allure of self-deception - how best to choose.


Everyone sceptical about or confused by the findings of the social sciences will appreciate Antony Flew's crisp analysis of the methodological flaws and systematic misunderstandings corrupting their study, teaching and application. Thinking About Social Thinking seeks to establish what can and cannot be learnt from such studies, indicating several instances where good work has been ignored, or much-needed work has yet to be done, because findings, or expected findings, prove, or would probably prove, unwelcome. Flew's clear and incisive argument is illustrated with abundant examples and references - many entertaining, many surprising - references not only to such professing social scientists as Malthus and Marx, Adam Smith and Max Weber, but also to classical philosophers like Aristotle and Hume, as well as to others never accounted either philosophers or social scientists. Taking careful aim at the sometimes subtle and insidious falsehoods that permeate our social and political discourse, and distort our decisions, Flew issues a refreshing, impassioned warning against the perils of complacently muddled thinking and false but comfortable conclusions.




1 The Need for Honesty 1
1 What is to be done 2
2 Simple, and not quite so simple honesty 5
2 The Call for Criticism 11
1 Sincere purposing, and monitoring progress 12
2 An anthropological object-lesson 15
3 Great social 'experiments' 18
4 Breaking the spell of the welfare state 25
3 Our Reasons for Acting 33
1 How we explain ourselves 33
2 Dispossessing such explanations: (i) by reform 42
3 Dispossessing such explanations: (ii) by revolution 53
4 Social Parts and Social Wholes 61
1 Methodological individualism and methodological holism 61
2 Society as the supposed universal agent 66
3 Equality: of opportunity, or of outcome 78
5 Making Visible the Invisible Hands 83
1 Smith and the other Scottish Founding Fathers 85
2 Intended actions and unintended consequences 92
3 Social functions and social needs 98
4 Structures and functions: (i) Functionalism 105
5 Structures and functions: (ii) Structuralism 108
6 Natural or Human Science, Necessity or Choice? 113
1 A conceptual scheme for population studies 114
2 The inescapable reality of choice 122
3 Freedom, compulsion and physical necessity 129
7 Natural Laws of Human Action? 135
1 The refutation of historicism 136
2 The socialist project: (i) promise and practice 144
3 The socialist project: (ii) what went wrong 147
4 What can and cannot be discovered 152
5 Radicalism: the bigotry and the prejudice 160
8 Matters of Fact and Relations of Ideas 169
1 Logical necessity, logical possibility and logical impossibility 170
2 Putting Hume's Fork to use 175
3 A literary-sociological case study 185
4 Deductive conceptual schemes: (i) economic analysis 191
5 Deductive conceptual schemes: (ii) economic imperialism 196
9 Facts and Values 201
1 What is meant by 'value-freedom? 204
2 Repudiations of value-freedom 206
3 Are all cultures equal? 214
4 And all languages and dialects? 218
10 Subjective or Objective: Relative or Absolute? 221
1 Subjective idealism and the sociology of knowledge 223
2 Anthropology, the relative and the rational 236
3 The primacy of the untheoretical language of public description 241
References 253
Index of Names 271
Index of Notions 275


В наличност:
Antony Flew
Fontana Press
Издателска група
HarperCollins Publishers
използвана книга
здрава и чиста книга, отчислена от библиотека, найлонова подвързия, леко захабен вид
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